Architectural wall coating

A new approach to wall coating   |   indoor & outdoor

The unique quality of DI – NOC™, our architectural finishes, makes it the perfect material for the renovation of walls, false ceilings, doors, elevator shafts, furniture or even for the most ambitious and modern architectural projects.

Thanks to our research department we are able to propose to architects, interior designers or public companies a way to create and improve their spaces. From conception to realization. Simpla.


The advantages of DI-NOC™ wall coatings:

  • Ideal solutions for creative arrangements and reconfigurations
  • Flexible usage on plain or curved surfaces
  • Fast, clean and quiet application
  • No interruption of everyday operations
  • Avoid air bubbles thanks to the gluing technology Comply™
  • Heat and humidity and wear resistant
  • Fireproof certified
  • Washable
  • Thin
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Contained costs
  • Indoor and outdoor application


The Innovation | that will seduce you

The structured films designed by DI-NOC™ are flexible and come with a permanent adhesive, which is applicable on a variety of surfaces including 3D planes.

They have been developed as decorative coatings for a large number of surfaces (mural panels, doors, furniture, elevators, columns, etc.)

The DI-NOC™ films represent an ideal solution for a fast and economic reconfiguration of the existing surfaces. It is perfect for the modernization of reception desks, doors, room dividers, partitions, shop shelves and other numerous applications.

Up to a 5-year lifespan for outdoor applications and 12-year lifespan for indoor ones.


The inspiration | for amazing creations

With DI-NOC™ you will quickly create a new look for any space at a low price, and without sacrificing aesthetics.


More than 500 options are available for the decoration or renovation of architectural spaces and furniture. Let your creativity run free while matching the needs of your clients.

Renovation/Interior Design

Thin and self-adhesive, DI-NOC™ architectural finishes are applied on the spot directly onto the existing surface, thereby reducing material and labor costs.

Facade Renovation

Everybody has experienced this: giving an old building new life is always and exciting prospect. Nevertheless, the new look may quickly fade due to natural elements and the surrounding pollution. JP Schweizer SA will offer the correct solution in order to bring the building back to its original sparkle and shine.

Architectural Finishes for outdoor solutions

An innovative, yet practical product, it is ingenious for facilitating the work of architects, designers, project managers and any other professionals in the construction industry.