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JP Schweizer SA can help you protect your loved ones, your belongings and the planet.
Our window films noticeably improve style, functionality
and energy efficiency of your glazing.

Control the Sun

Windows are an essential part of each home, not just for letting in light, but also for the views they offer. However, they can also cause a variety of problems such as:

  • Excessive Glare
  • Heat restitution
  • High energy dispersion
  • Furniture Fading

Our protective films can help you dealing with these problems.



Save up to 40% of your Energy Costs!

Windows play an important role when it comes to heat and energy regulation inside your home. According to Minergie, almost 50% of the energy consumption is wasted due to a loss/gain of heat caused by non-treated glass. Our window films allow you to reduce the cost of heating and air-conditioning while strengthening the insulation capability of your glazing.


Do not miss out on your View

Open your curtains and let the sunlight in! Our protection films reduce the glare up to 87%, allowing you to easily watch TV or work on your computer. The wide range of films available allows you to enjoy the view without even noticing their presence on your windows.

Block the harmful effects of UV rays

Most upholsteries, furniture, and pieces of art can be damaged or faded simply by letting in light through non-treated glass. By blocking more than 99% of all UV rays, our anti-UV films allow you to maintain the color of your furniture, upholsteries and carpets, and protect them from fading and aging. UV rays are also dangerous for our health (skin aging, cancer, etc.). The UVShield™ technology of our films has been specifically designed for your protection, just as a sunblock would do.






Armor your glazing

The security films provide a completely transparent protective barrier against accidents, severe weather, burglaries, explosions, scratches, etc.

Protect your family   |   Security films

Glass shards can be a real danger in a home in the case of accident, severe weather, or burglary. This risk can be drastically reduced – and its effects avoided – thanks to our security films.



An Invisible Barrier

Made of very thick and resistant polyester, affixed with the most powerful adhesive on the market, our protective films create a transparent – and powerful – barrier that keeps the glass panels together in case of breakage.
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Delay Burglarsn

Our protective films make it very difficult, if not impossible, for intruders to enter your home: housebreakers are slowed down, or even dissuaded, and you are afforded some precious time to react or wait for your security service to come.
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This barrier protects you against the destructive effects of flying shards in the case of accident, severe weather or explosion.
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Quality Guaranteed

Our security films are in compliance with the industry’s strictest standards in USA, Europe and around the world. You can be assured of the perfect functionality of your window film.
Considering its total transparency, you will not even notice its presence, unless you need to.
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Privacy & Design

Thanks to our protective films, you can avoid onlookers while styling just about any glazed surface of your home.


Less expensive than treated glass, our films for interior decorations offer a wide choice of creations.


Our films do not need any particular maintenance. They are long lasting but can be changed whenever necessary without damaging the glass.


We have a very diverse range of products at your disposal and we are equipped with the latest technology that will allow us to realize your tailor made creations.

Are you considering changing your windows?


Save Money!

Comfort, savings and protection…
directly on your existing window glass!

  • A highly affordable alternative to glass replacement
  • 5 times cheaper than replacing the existing windows
  • Up to 50% savings on energy
  • Particularly effective on single glazed windows


Keep your existing glazing! Our films are installed directly on your glazing and are an efficient solution for enhancing the insulation of your home.