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Sun control films


Sun Control Window Films

Sun Protection Window Films provide a pleasant temperature inside buildings.
They also protect people and merchandise from the undesirable effects of UV-rays, which can be damaging and costly.


Control the Sun

Our architectural sun control window films are designed to protect against dangerous UV rays, heat and glare. They enable you to reduce your electricity bills and give your building a new look.

  • They reject up to 80% of the heat
  • They preserve the freshness of living spaces
  • Reduction of your electricity bills
  • Different types available adapted to suit all kind of needs



Reduction of Energetic Balance

During the winter, our sun control window films reduce heat loss up to 30%. In the summer, they reduce air conditioning costs by rejecting up to 80% of the sun’s heat.


Heat and Glare

Our films help correct the instability of temperatures between the sunny and shady areas of a building and divert annoying glares.

Fade Reduction

Our films filter up to 99.9% of dangerous UV rays, which cause the fading of structures, furniture and product shelves.



Our window films can give a brand new look to buildings for a fraction of the price of construction work and without having to relocate tenants.

Protect your private space

Our reflective sun control films let the light pass through while protecting your privacy (one-way mirror effect). Different shades of tinted glass are also available.