Window fim series

Privacy films


Privacy Window Films

Protect yourself from onlookers while preserving natural light.


Protect your Private Space

See without being seen (one-way mirror), frosted glass effect, etc.
Our reflective sun control films let the light pass through while protecting the privacy inside homes, offices and commercial spaces.

  • Hide the view partially or entirely
  • Maintain the luminosity of the room
  • Decorate your glazing
  • Numerous patterns available
  • Easily removable



One-way Mirror

From the outside, a perfect mirror. From the inside, a crystal clear window that allows you to see without being seen.


Opaque Films

Whether they are white, frosted, colored or patterned, our films hide the view while keeping the room bright.

Tint films

Available in different intensities, they are the perfect sunglasses for your glazing.


Privacy and Decoration

Whether you want logo and pattern reproductions or shapes on transparent glazing, cutting and printing allows limitless creativity…

Flexibility of Use

Our films can be removed without using chemical products and without leaving traces. This way they can be also used for medium-term applications. Some of the films can protect you from UV rays (up to 99% of the rays are rejected) and from glass shards.