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Types of films


Our windows films  | A complete assortment

Our window films represent the best solution to transform your glazing.
Adapted to suit numerous needs, they can be easily affixed to any glazed surface: windows, conservatories, PVC wall partitions, car windows, etc.,


Solar Control Window Films

Heat control window films are the perfect alternative to air conditioning.
Affixed to the glazing, they reject up to 80% of solar energy and preserve the freshness of your home, even during the hottest summer days.
In the same product series you will also find the anti-fade protection film, which is ideal for protecting fragile materials exposed to sunlight.
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Security Films

Extremely resistant, these films assure the security of both people and property. A glass equipped with this film might crack but it will keep the glass together.
This will prevent accidents in case of shattered glass and will delay burglars.
In the same product series, you will also find other types of security films that will allow you to protect glazing from scratches and graffiti or to highlight the glazing in public places.
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Privacy Window Films

Reinforce your personal spaces thanks to our privacy window films: see without being seen (one-way mirror), frosted glass effect, etc. Our films allow light to pass through the glass while protecting the intimacy inside your home, office or commercial space.
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Decorative Films

Either you want to preserve the transparency of the glass or, on the contrary, you want to make it totally opaque, our films allow you to do it with style!
Frosted glass effect, mirror effect, transparencies, shaping and even large format printing: our films offer a wide range of creative possibilities that are paired up with their technical properties.
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What is a Window Film?

Ultra-thin and transparent polyester film affixed to the inside or outside of existing glazing (windows, conservatories, doors, dividing walls, etc.)
The professional application of a film on a glazing, optimizes its insulation and filtration performances (thermal, optical, physical) without changing the characteristics of the glass.
Once installed, the film is maintained just like normal glass, without having to use abrasive products.