Tinted Windows & Coverings   |   For vehicles

Our automotive films are designed to accentuate the appearance of your car (windows and body), protect its passengers and your investments or to decorate your company cars.


Quality Guaranteed

Our automotive films are known for their quality, the stability of their color and their resistance to UV rays.

  • Long-lasting
  • No maintenance required
  • Perfect optical quality
  • Installed by professionals



Heat, UV rays and Glare Control


Solar Protection

Solar heat can make the interior of a car quite intolerable. The installation of a high performance window film can reduce the temperature of the interior surfaces of your car up to 16° C… this allows a more enjoyable driving experience and reduces the usage of air conditioning and fuel.


UV Protection

UV rays can damage the interior of a car and its leather surfaces. Our automotive films build a protective barrier that blocks up to 99% of UV rays. This way, your car looks stays looking new and you are well protected against solar radiation.


In order to guarantee long-lasting quality, all our films are professionally installed by qualified technicians. Each surface of the film is adapted to precise requirements, guaranteeing an optimal adaptation. We utilize the LLumar HRR adhesive, known to the world for its strength, durability and crystal-clear transparency. Our quality and attention to details will demonstrate you that you have made the best choice.




Protection in case of car crash

Our security films retain the shattered glasses, reducing the risk of injuries in case of accident.


In case of accident

  • Non-protected side windows can break easily
  • Glass can be thrown into the vehicle
  • The explosion of glass can cause serious injuries
  • A broken car window can increase the probability of passenger ejection

Our films protect you

  • Car windows can still break but the shards stick to the film
  • Passengers are protected against shard explosions
  • The breaking of a window does not impede the deployment of the airbags


Against Carjacking


In less than five seconds, a thief could break your car windows and steal your valuables. It is particularly dangerous if you are in the car during the attack.

  • Our film impedes access to the interior of the car
  • The difficulty encountered will discourage the attacker
  • The explosion of the glass might cause serious injuries
  • Earn precious time to escape





Opt for the appearance of your vehicle and match it with your personality or your company’s.



Tinted Windows

Thanks to the exclusive range of LLumar films available in numerous colors, we guarantee:

  • A color-stable film that never turns violet
  • No unpleasant air bubbles or peeling
  • A wide range of colors and choice of transparent pigments
  • Compatibility with original colors
  • Long lasting surfaces resistant to UV-rays
  • More privacy for you and for your loved ones
  • Glare reduction up to 90%
  • A fresher and more comfortable interior
  • A professional installation made by experts
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee on all our films






Our team of specialists helps you devise and realize the personalization of your corporate car.




Covering | partial or total

A thermoforming adhesive is applied on the car body in order to obtain a matte or brilliant painting in your color choice.

We cover your vehicle partially or entirely, allowing you not only to change the appearance of your car but also to preserve the original paint from external agents.




Body Protection


An Invisible Armor l for your paint

The LLumar paint protection film leaves a transparent color while creating a protective barrier for your vehicle.



Long-Lasting and Invisible

Our automotive film protects the vulnerable parts of your car year round against abrasions, cracks, scratches made by bugs, small road debris as well as sand and salt during the winter.

Precision Technology

The LLumar paint protection film is known for its double function technology, which reinforces the durability of the paint and gives it a great shine.

Long-lasting Protection

There is no need to worry- the automotive film does not turn yellow with time. It is easy to clean and maintain, and it will not affect the body of your car even if you decide to remove the film.