Window film series



Decorative Films

Infinite possibilities for architects and interior designers.


Efficacy & style

Apart from transparent films, our series of products could satisfy your decorative needs.
We propose a series specifically dedicated to interior design.

  • Infinite possibilities
  • A very large series of products
  • CConsultation, creation and fulfillmentn
  • Tailor-made printing and cutting



A Complete Series

From the outside, a perfect mirror. From the inside, a crystal clear window that allows you to see without being seen.



Frosted or acid-etched glass are an expensive options compared to our frosted glass effect films.


Automated cutting, digital printing, and graphic creations: for the long or medium term your glazing can be an expression of your brand, your advertising, your creativity or simply your desires.


Protected Private Space

Our decorative films allow light to pass through the glass while protecting you from onlookers.



Lumière & Transparence ©

Exclusive Printing System



Obtain personalized cuts and printings thanks to our exclusive technology Lumière & Transparence©:

  • ink directly injected in the material
  • transparent pigments
  • UV stabilization
  • Large format printing
  • crystal clear transparency for your creations
  • a better and more lasting result than all the other solutions on the marke

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